Another ATM bombed in Lenasia

A day after an ATM bombing in the area, another ATM was bombed inside a Shell Garage store along Bangalore Drive on Tuesday, June 21.
According to a source, heavily armed perpetrators entered the garage, bombed the ATM and fled the scene.
An emergency response vehicle was also shot at by the suspects as they fled the scene.
“Lenasia Mic Holders and Patrollers were in pursuit of the suspects,” said the source.
Pulsate ambulance services attended to the scene and treated the staff.
“We would like to thank the patrollers that assisted in treatment and stabilisation of staff,” said Shuabe Ebrahim of Pulsate ambulances.

The bombing follows that of a Standard Bank Auto Cash ATM at a Total garage, at corner Volta and K43, in Lenasia Extension 10, which occurred on June 19.
On the day a petrol attendant on duty witnessed the explosion and an unknown man getting inside a vehicle and fleeing the scene.
Updates will follow.

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