‘Gatvol’ protesters blockade Golden Highway due to power outage- use alternative roads

Lehae protests. Picture: Supplied.


Following a power outage on Monday night in Lehae, residents have taken to the streets.

The violent protest which began on Tuesday night and is still underway, has seen the Golden Highway being blockaded with rocks and burning tyres. Some cars have also been stoned by the angry protesters.

Motorists were advised to use alternative routes as traffic were being redirected by the protestors.

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“”Motorists should use the K43 road or the old Lawley road as an alternative roads as no cars are being let through,” said JMPD spokesperson, Superintended Wayne Minaar.


“We are tired of having to worry whenever we see the clouds gathering. With the current state of the country, we are being also ripped off by our local shops who charge as much as R5 for one candle. We are already paying for our electricity, it’s only fair that we get what we pay for,” said a resident.


Another resident reiterated the same sentiments, “I have an infant who needs to be fed and changed at night. It’s really cold at night without electricity, which subsequently means I now have to pay for the doctor as well. It just not fair as we too are rate payers,” she said.

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Some residents urged the protesters not to use protests as a cover up to commit crime as a Pakistani owned shop was allegedly looted during the protest.

“Treat us as you treat other residents in suburbs, the counsellor needs to step up,” said an angry protestor.

The Rising Sun contacted local Councillor for the area, Ace Mokenyane, who assured protesters that power will be restored by the end of the day.

“The outage was as a result of cable theft. It is however, being attended to,” Mokoenyane said.

Lehae has experienced power outages almost every week in the past few weeks. With the rain and wind having been one of the main courses of the outages. One other reason is mainly cable theft.

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Rebecca Mogalagadi

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