City electrifies communities

On April 6, the City of Johannesburg took the first step to bringing electricity to the informal settlements of Meriting and Finetown North.

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This has been made possible through a partnership between City Power and Eskom – representing an investment of R24. 5 million, which will usher in a new dawn for over 1 000 households in these two communities.
“We are serious about improving the quality of life for our poorest residents and providing quality services to communities forgotten by previous administrations,” said Herman Mashaba, the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg.

“For us, this is not just about providing services. It is also about advancing the dignity of our people.  As the new administration, I believe we dare not fail in this mission.”

Upon the completion of this project, which will be in the next four months, the children of Meriting and Finetown North will not have to do homework or study by candlelight; families will be able to light and warm their homes against the coming winter. These two communities will be less vulnerable to the tragic fires caused by candles which have accidentally fallen over, resulting in the loss of homes and property and human life.

But most importantly, the beginning of this project will ensure that the residents need not resort to illegal connections, which have already resulted in six unnecessary deaths during the past financial year alone.

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Illegal connections contribute to over R400 million’s worth of non-technical losses every year in the City of Johannesburg. This is money which could have been reinvested towards providing services in the City’s informal settlements.
“Through our 2016/17 adjustment budget, the City has allocated an additional R41 million to electrify informal settlements like Meriting and Finetown,” added Cllr Herman Mashaba.
“In our upcoming budget, we propose to allocate R655.2 million to City Power for the electrification of housing developments across the City.
“I ask that our residents continue to support our efforts to create a more inclusive and prosperous City,” said Cllr Herman Mashaba.

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