Online registration for Grade 1 and Grade 8 process

On April 25, the Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi, officially announced the date of the 2018 online registrations. Only Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners can register online to be admitted to the schools of their choice. To avoid disappointment parents and guardians are urged to register their children on time.

Addressing the media, Lesufi said online applications will start on May 2.

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“Applications will start on May 2, from 8.30am and close at midnight on June 12, 2017. Parents can log on to the website: to apply for either Grade 1 or Grade 8,” said Lesufi.


Lesufi said parents of learners who are in Grade 2 to Grade 6, should go to their nearest schools to register their children. The same rule applies to learners from Grade 9 to 11.


Lesufi said the Department has listened to the challenges that were faced last year and they have made some amendments. Some of those included:

  • Interactive and easy to use website.
  • Language choice options.
  • If the system cannot locate the address due to informal settlements amongst others, the system will still provide school options based on the address nearest to home or workplace.
  • The capacity of the system has been improved to cope with the traffic.

Lesufi added that after logging on the system the parent should follow the following steps:

  • Enter parent details.
  • Enter learner details.
  • Select a school.
  • Then click apply

He further stated, “Upon submitting the online application form, parents will receive their waiting list number via SMS or email and will be required to submit all their supporting documents to the relevant school. Supporting documents include: ID/Passport, immunization card, most recent school reports, proof of work or home address, birth certificate and legal guardianship amongst others”.

Parents, who do not have access to internet facilities, are urged to go to community libraries or Thusanong centres to utilise computers that have internet access.

The placement phase will start from July 24, 2017, to September 29, 2017.

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Parents will receive an SMS notification or a letter from the school informing them that their application has been successful or otherwise. Those given offers of placement have seven working days to accept or reject the offer.

A parent who wishes to apply for Grade 8 at a school of specialisation can do so online. However, they should note that there are additional requirements that must be adhered to. For example a learner may be required to write an admission test or subjected to an aptitude test.

Applications to schools accommodating Learners with Special Education Needs (LSEN) will not be processed online. Parents are advised to visit the nearest district to apply for a child with special education needs.

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