WATCH: Disciplinary on the cards following video of teacher slapping learner at Lenasia school

A snippet from the video depicting a teacher slapping a learner.

A  teacher at the Lenasia South Secondary School who was filmed slapping a learner for allegedly disrupting class is due for a disciplinary hearing.

The teacher was filmed by one of the learners and the video shared on Facebook.

In the clip, the teacher can be heard telling the learner to hand over his phone or ” I will hit you up until you give me the phone”.

The pupil is then manhandled and dragged out of the classroom by the teacher.

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“The department is aware of the incident in relation to the video which shows a teacher hitting a child at Lenasia South Secondary School after the learner refused the educator to hand over his phone in class disturbing teaching and learning‚” Gauteng education department spokesman Steve Mabona was reported saying.

The department has condemned the act saying any form of assault of learners in schools as corporal punishment is outlawed by the constitution of the country.

“The department can confirm that it will be conducting a disciplinary hearing against the educator. The date still needs to be confirmed‚”  Mabona was reported saying.

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Rebecca Mogalagadi

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