Lenasia urged to support National Day of No Confidence in President Zuma

Lenasia activists demonstrating their opposition to President Jacob Zuma.

Activists of the Lenasia Progressive Network held a placard demonstration on Saturday morning in the local business district calling on residents to support Future South Africa’s call to vote President Zuma out on August 8 in parliament.

FutureSA is a new broad coalition of civil society organisations, calling for an end to state capture and the reclaiming of South Africa.

The call to participate in countrywide protest action on the “National Day of No Confidence” was made by patrons of the newly formed FutureSA coalition.

The coalition was formed after 130 civil society organisations came together for the Conference for the Future of South Africa on Mandela Day, to express concern about corruption and mismanagement in government.

Prominent patrons include Lenasia ANC veteran Prema Naidoo and other anti-apartheid struggle leaders such as Sheila Sisulu, Albertina Luthuli, Mavuso Msimang, Kumi Naidoo, Zwelinzima Vavi, Bruce Fordyce, Reverend Giet Khoza, Cas Coovadia, Mosibudi Mangena, Sydney Mufamadi, Sipho Pityana, Ela Gandhi and Judge Zac Yakoob.

FutureSA has urged ordinary citizens to come out in their numbers on August 8, when parliamentarians will be voting in a motion of no confidence against Zuma.

“We are calling for a lunchtime shutdown on August 8. We want ordinary people – be they at home, at the workplace or school – to take to the streets and make their voices heard. Residents are invited to attend a rally at the Johannesburg City Hall at 12pm on Tuesday, August 8,” said Naidoo.

He added that protest action in other areas will be communicated via social media platforms such as @Future_sa_, @SaveSA and @KathradaFound.

“For those unable to make it to any central points of activity, we urge you to organise your own picket – on a bridge, in your community, at your school, office or religious centre. At the same time, make sure to invite the media, as well as share images of your protest action on social media using the hashtag #NoConfidence,” said Naidoo.

He said that MPs were “duty bound” to vote Zuma out of office, and steer the country away from the path of “corruption, state capture, inequality, racial tensions, patriarchal values and a deepening national crisis”.

“Our people struggled against colonialism and apartheid for centuries. The people of South Africa have a strong tradition of resistance to any form of authoritarianism, and we are determined to continue that tradition. We believe that by standing up against state capture, we can rebuild the integrity of our hard-won democracy,” he emphasised.

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