Harry Govind does it again

Despite July 30, being one of other hottest winter days (testament to climate change), since the inception of veteran se­nior Le­na­sia sports­man Harry Govind’s Solo Winter Warmth Charity Walk nine years ago, it was indeed a sight to behold.

As Govind made his way into Signet Terrace ably supported by the biker group Charity Riders, SAPS and Saaberie Chisty Ambulance as well as his support crew, he was also accompanied by other organisations involved in this year’s event.

Govind’s annual Winter Warmth Charity Walks raised blankets and tons of cloth­ing and gro­ceries for those in need.

This year the walk benefitted over 25 organisations, some of which which involved in the event including Pet Awareness Lenasia Society, and Operation Hydrate. Govind thanked his sponsors, and volunteers without whom the event would not have been a success.

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