Al Aqsa School: My Waqf Donors

Grade 7 learners were presented with Wagf Certificates for their investments in the everlasting charity.

On August 7, Grade 7 learners at Al Aqsa School in Lenasia Extension 5, became the first  to be recognised as ‘My Waqf’ Donors. Each of the learners contributed around R100 into a lifelong ‘My Waqf’ Account held in Awqaf SA. Twenty-seven Grade 7   learners were presented with Waqf Certificates for their investments in the everlasting charity.

Brothers Zeinoul  Abedien Cajee, Goolam Hoosen Kolia and Muhammad Ali Masango from Awqaf  SA were present to award the certificates to the learners.

In congratulating the learners, Br Zeinoul explained the concept to the 400 strong learners and educators of the school.

“The Waqf is an Islamic permanent charitable endowment, which has perpetual benefits and  Thawaab.  It’s like planting a seed. The seed grows into a tree. The tree produces fruit. More seeds are produced. More trees are grown. The fruit can be sold. The proceeds can be used to benefit the poor and the needy in perpetuity. More people can benefit from the profits.  Congratulations to Al Aqsa  School for having set the example towards perpetual charity.”

Brother Ismail Mahomed, educator and promoter of the project at Al Aqsa, commended the learners on this significant achievement. Principal Shahaana Sujee emphasised the uniqueness of the concept and encouraged all the learners of schools in Lenasia to follow this example.

The Awqaf SA “My Waqf” project is a national campaign to get young people to understand the concept of Waqf / Islamic charitable endowments and to start a Lifelong Waqf account to which they can contribute throughout their lives.

The Waqf is a voluntary gift of money or any other asset  to the Almighty for His pleasure. It is a special kind of Islamic charity which needs to be popularised and proliferated across the community towards developing a Community Sovereign Fund.  Its benefits go to all, irrespective of colour or creed.

Contributions are made to a Waqf fund, which in turn, is invested in some income producing project is a rental property.  Profits earned by the investment are then used by the community to fund much needed infrastructure and services. The capital is never consumed. Only profits that are generated and used. Hence, any Waqf fund is permanent or perpetual until the Day of Judgement.

Any school may contact Awqaf SA by email to [email protected]  for further details and participation.


Submitted by Awqaf SA

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