Burst pipe leads to ‘Southfork Dam’

Children play in the ['mini dam' at Southfork Flats.

What started out as a minor leak has now escalated to a mini dam in Lenasia Extension 9’s Southfork Flats.
The burst pipe which was reported about a month ago to both the local and the provincial governments, has left residents annoyed that their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.
When the Rising Sun arrived at the flats on Tuesday, August 14, reporter, Rebecca Mogalagadi was led to the back of the flats by resident, Mr Williams, where she was met by a murky and stale smell emanating from the ‘mini dam’ before her.
The water covered most of the backyard, prohibiting residents from walking to or hanging their clothes on the washing line. The water, which was now ankle deep, threatened to enter into some residents’ homes.

Due to the burst pipe, the apartments in the flat are experiencing low water pressure and according to residents in the higher lying apartments are not receiving any water.
Residents told the Rising Sun that numerous calls were made to Rand Water and Johannesburg Water, but it yielded no results.

“When we saw Rand Water come into the complex we were relieved. We thought they would fix this thing, but they couldn’t,” Mr Williams said.

According to Williams, contractors from Rand Water told them that they could not fix the pipe as they did not have a job card and that it was on provincial government land and that provincial government was responsible for the flats.
Region G Director Mickey Padayachee also confirmed being alerted to the situation.
“I was called in by residents and I also sent people to assess the situation,” Padayachee said.

Padayachee said he had also contacted the Provincial Government, as well as the head of the department, to attempt to get the leaking pipe repaired.
“Because the provincial government are custodians, managers and owners of the flats there is not much we can do. I have been putting pressure on the departments. However, I’m not getting much response from them,” Padayachee said.

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Rebecca Mogalagadi

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