LMS Grade 7’s holds Market Day

As a part of the Economic Management Science (EMS) curriculum for Grade 7, Lenasia Muslim School (LMS) school holds an annual Market Day, which, this year, was held on Friday, September 22, at LMS School.

Students from Grade 7 hosted the Market Day to inspire and encourage entrepreneurship and to test students’ business acumen.  Students were given an opportunity to conceptualise a business first hand.  They formed groups, or in business terms, partnerships.  They had to go to the drawing board and identify products that the school will purchase.

Students then had to either purchase or manufacture those products.  Leases had to be negotiated with EMS educator Apa Safiyya Seedat, and the rental paid on Market Day, from the proceeds of the sale of items.
Students were encouraged to take loans from their parents in order to purchase their goods.

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These loans had to be repaid. During the build up to Market Day, students were seen meeting with their partners to discuss the names of their businesses, putting plans in place, and running around during weekends sourcing potential products that would make a reasonable profit.  Posters were designed to advertise products and prices. These were placed in classrooms to attract potential buyers.  Some students displayed acumen by going from class to class and taking orders for their products.

On Market Day the school was abuzz with excitement. The Grade 7 students were nervous as they waited in anticipation.  There were over 22 stalls that catered to the needs and palates of, not only the students, but the teachers as well.  Students came up with catchy names and slogans for their stalls such as Bar Mania, Fries and Things, Sausage Grill and Funky Fusion.  There were food stalls to tantalize the taste buds which sold waffles, hot dogs, burgers, milkshakes, slush, cupcakes, candy floss and other tasty goodies.  There were stalls that sold stationary, toys, vampire strawberry lemonade made by the students themselves and game stalls to entertain everyone.

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All the stalls were decorated in splashy colours and décor, with stall holders even announcing their specials to attract customers.
Each stall was successful and garnered great support from primary and high school students who came with their wallets full.  Teachers were enticed by the aroma, sights and sounds, and came out in support of their students.  It was also encouraging to note that there was a sense of camaraderie despite the competition, as stall holders purchased items from each other.

As the day drew to a close, the tired Grade 7 students, who set up stalls in the morning, had to dismantle their gazebos, pack up their equipment and make sure that the area they used was cleaned.  All the “businesses” made a reasonable profit, which, after deducting the expenses and paying off loans, went into the students’ pockets.
“The Grade 7 learners conducted themselves in a professional manner and gained knowledge as well as valuable life skills.  Over all, it was a job well done,” said Apa Safiyya Seedat, the EMS Educator who oversaw and coordinated the Market Day.

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