Water meter theft crisis in Lenasia


When Mrs C Lala heard voices emanating from outside her house at around 3am on Thursday, November 2, she dismissed it as the TV.

At around 5am, she woke up to her neighbour and sister-in-law Mrs V Badal telling her that their water meters and that of a neighbour were stolen.

The incident took place in Hydrangea Street, Lenasia, Extension 3.

The stolen meters were reported to Joburg Water and to the local councillor, Kishore Badal.

“Kishore told us he would speed things up and indeed he did. In no time there were people working on closing the water,” Mrs Badal said.

Although residents had to wait a few hours before they could get their water back, they praised Joburg Water for the fast response.


“We also wish to thank Afzal of Ludo Pizza for assisting us,” Mrs Lala said.

The rise in stolen meters has seen many in Lenasia opting for plastic meter boxes instead of the copper water meters, in an attempt to curb criminals from stealing.

A Facebook post by Yab’s Advisory Service advised residents to report all theft to their local police and to inform Johannesburg Water. Johannesburg Water will require one’s home address and  one to include the message ‘stolen water meter’ if one is mailing them or sending an SMS.

The post, focussing on what seems to be a water meter stealing syndicate operating in Lenasia, alleged that the meters were stolen for the brass and copper they possess. They are then sold to scrap metal dealers.

“We promote the conservation of water. Yet millions of litres of water is wasted by this kind of theft. Unfortunately the residents suffer without water. Johannesburg Water needs to attend to and replace these meters,” the post read.

Residents should contact 011-375-5555 or 086-056-2874 or send an SMS to 082-653-2143 or email [email protected] to report stolen meters.

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Rebecca Mogalagadi

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