Community up in arms following eviction

WHEN residents of Lenasia Extension 13’s Fawn Street witnessed another resident being forcefully evicted from a house she had occupied for over ten years, the true spirit of Ubuntu leapt into action.

The woman who was evicted, Ntombi Khumalo, arrived home after work to find a gathering of people and her furniture on the street. This was the second time she had been evicted in two weeks.

After the first eviction, a court order was obtained and the eviction was stopped.

Ms Khumalo was shocked to find herself in the same predicament once again.

“We all know the case is still pending in court. We just don’t understand how the sheriff could get an eviction order,” a resident said.

It is alleged that 20 men dressed in black overalls arrived in a truck and broke into Ms Khumalo’s house and removed her furniture. Ms Khumalo’s tenants’ belongings were also removed, as well as the tenant’s two children who had been home alone.

When a resident told the men to wait for Ms Khumalo before proceeding with the eviction, they allegedly drove off and were later followed by the sheriff.

Thereafter, two vehicles filled with men, alleged to have been from Kliptown, also arrived on scene as they were instructed by Bad Boy Security to guard the house following the eviction. The residents claimed they did not want ‘rotten potatoes’ in their community.

“These men look like criminals. They will disrupt this beautiful community. We live in, we do not want them here. They must go back to where they came from,” a resident said.

Tempers flew when Ms Khumalo arrived at her house, cursing and questioning the reason for the eviction.

Police officers on the scene were also questioned as to why they had not done anything about the issue, to which one officer responded, “This is not my house”.

The house was built by a developer called Mr BL Baloyi.

“A lot of people are having the same problem with Baloyi’s houses. I foresee more people being evicted because of Baloyi’s negligence,” a resident said.

When the Rising Sun contacted Baloyi, he told the publication that an agreement was made with the owners of the stand.

“The agreement was drawn about 10 years ago. The owner has to explain what happened,” Baloyi said.

Baloyi has built over 200 houses in the area.

Rebecca Mogalagadi

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