Thermishaa’s Hope For Better Health

As the months passed, I found that Thermishaa was not developing and achieving the milestones for a growing baby. I thought it was due to her being born prematurely.

Letter: Clean up lenz

One of the monsters that lurk in the shadows is the litter. It has become almost a feature in Lenasia.

You know you Indian when: Just charou things

You know you Indian when … a weekly column by a Lenasia resident expressing her views on what it means to be Indian and some of the phrases/actions the Indian community can relate to.

1.5-Million steps for peace

“During the walk, I also slept on the concrete floor in Gandhi’s prison cell in Volkrust, Mpumalanga…”

Gandhi Peace Walk- Braving scorching weekend weather

According to Medical Officer, Clive Chetty, the walkers are managing and all pyulling through. “They have all pulled together and played their part,” Chetty said…


Drugs are NOT cool: PART 2

The other boys brought him water and tried to calm him down by rubbing his back…